Get a free betFind the best oddsSpot the mistakes

Get a free bet

Free and risk free bet are a great way to build your bankroll.

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Find the best odds

If you want to become a successful punter you should always place your bet where you get the best odds

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Spot the mistakes

The secret to being a successful punter is to find the mistakes that the sport books make. Become an expert on one sport to be able to spot all mistakes.

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Free sports betting

Internet has given us gambler an unprecedented access to bet on sport events all over the world. It is now easy to gamble on almost any sport and almost any league. You can usually choose between a number of different international sports betting companies that all offer you to place bets on the sport event you want to gamble on.

Maximizing your chances to win

best oddsAs a punter you should do everything you can to maximize your chances of becoming successful and winning a lot of money over time. Some of the most important things to think about are:

  • Always place your bet where you get the best odds. Even a small difference in odds will make a large impact on your long term profitability. Getting an extra 0.05 (1/20) on each bet makes a huge difference over time and make it a lot easier to be successful. You can read more about finding the best odds here.
  • Be an expert in your field. Focus your bets to a small section of the sports betting market and make sure to always know everything there is to know in that field. It is impossible to know everything about sport. It is possible to know everything about a certain league. The key to being successful in sport betting is to always know more than the people setting the odds. This way you can find all their mistakes and benefit from them.
  • Choose to be an expert in a field that really interest you or in a field where there is a lot of value. Such fields include less popular sports and women sport. The book makers spend less energy to make sure they place the right odds on less popular events then they do for very popular events.

Finding free bets

It is easy to find free bets. A lot of sport books offer them to new clients. The few who doesn’t usually offer a cash bonus instead. Cash bonuses can have a number of benefits over free bets since a cash bonus can be used to place numerous smaller free bets.

oddsbonusWhen you visit a website such as Betsson, Expect, NordicBet, Unibet, Bet365, Winner, William Hill or Ladbrokes you will immediately see which sports books that are offering a free or risk free bet. A risk free bet is more common than a free bet but is essentially the same thing. If you place a risk free bet and loose you get your money back.

The sport books are constantly changing their bonus offers and the sport books that offer free bets at the moment I am writing this might not be the same that offer free bets when you are reading this. It is therefore always better that you click your way over to the sites for yourself. You can also visit a site that specializes in providing bonus information from different sport betting and casino sites. There you can see the different bonuses and free bets that are available at different sport books right now.

Examples of sites that makes it easy for you to find the latest bonuses includes:

You can read more about free bets and odds bonuses by visiting our page here.

Live Betting

A type of sports betting that is quickly gaining in popularity and that is becoming more and more common online is live betting. Live betting allows you to place bets on events that are in progress. Odds changes as the event goes on and the results changes.

Live betting can be a very fun way to make watching the game more interesting. You can gamble as you are watching the game on your TV or from the bleachers. Many sport books allow you place live bets in your cell phone making it very easy to gamble from the audience of the event.

Betting in your mobile

Almost all sport books online allow you to place bets through your cell phone. Some make their entire selection of games available for you to play on you mobile. Other offer a more limited mobile site with fewer games to bet on.

Some sport books even offer special apps that are meant to provide you with the information you need to become a more successful punter. An example of this is Unibet that have several apps that are available to all their members. These apps are completely free and very useful.

Other games

Many sport books make it possible to play other types of games besides sport betting. It is very common that sport books also offers:

  • casinoA casino where you can play a selection of different casino games. Some offer basic casinos while other such as Betsson and Unibet offers very good casinos with a large selection of casino games. Most casinos give their players a chance to win very big jackpots. These jackpots can often be worth many millions. On rare occasions these jackpots grow to be worth more than $10 million. Different casinos offer different jackpot games. You usually get a bonus when you start playing in the sports books casino even if you already are a member of the sports book. You can read more about online casinos here.
  • A poker room where it is possible to play poker against other people. If you are skilled enough  you can earn a lot of money. Most sport betting sites offer a poker room that is a part of a poker network. This means that you are going to be playing against players from a number of different sites. This guarantees that you can find a lot of action. You can read more about poker here.

Some, but fewer, sport books also offers:

  • A bingo room where you play bingo against and chat with people from all over the world. Online bingo has become very popular and revolutionized the game. Online bingo rooms allow you to play both classical bingo and types of bingo that have been developed especially to be played online. Many bingo rooms give you the chance to win big jackpots. You can read more about playing bingo online and in your mobile here.

Other games that you can sometimes find include:

  • Binary options: A financial instrument that is half way between gambling and investment.
  • Keno: an ancient Chinese game that has a lot in common with bingo and the lottery.
  • Scratch tickets: Scratch and win a fortune.
  • Backgammon: Another skill based game where the skilled player can win a lot of money.