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Free and risk free bet are a great way to build your bankroll.

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If you want to become a successful punter you should always place your bet where you get the best odds

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The secret to being a successful punter is to find the mistakes that the sport books make. Become an expert on one sport to be able to spot all mistakes.

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Some but far from all sport betting websites offer their players the opportunity to play bingo.

bingoBingo is a fun game that attracts men and women of all ages. It is however not that long ago that bingo was associated with retired women who spend their days in the loan bingo hall. Online bingo changed all that. It made bingo more accessible and before long it was starting to become popular among younger players. Players that started playing bingo online soon started visiting bingo halls and other bingo events. Most players still only play online but attendance at bingo halls have increases. Different event such as car bingo events are becoming increasingly common across much of Europe. The future of bingo seemed assured for a long time to come.

It is no secret that women make up a very large percentage of all bingo players even though bingo attracts both men and women. This fact is very visible when you visit  many bingo sites that have a much more feminine design than most online casinos or poker rooms. Many of the most popular bingo rooms such as Bertil Bingo does however have a rather neutral design. Others like Foxy bingo has a very feminine design. These more feminine designs might feel of putting for some men and women. If you are on of these it is important to know that it allways is possible to find a good bingo room that suits your esthetic taste. You just have to look around a little.

Online bingo rooms make it possible to  play a wide variety of different bingo games. Most sites offer classic bingo but you will also be offered several types of bingo develop to be over quickly so that you can play a round when you have a few minutes over without having to commit to a longer game.

Bingo Bonus

Most bingo sites offer you a bingo bonus when you first start playing with them. This is true for bingo sites that are a part of large sport betting sites as well as for bingo sites that are independent and only offer bingo. It is relatively common that bingo sites offer you a free cash bonus that you can use to play bingo without having to deposit any money to your account. All you have to do to receive a bonus of this type is  to register an account and confirm your email address. Once you have confirmed you email address you can log in into your account and find your free bingo bonus waiting for you. These free bonuses are usually very small. USD 5 -10. They are despite this well worth signing up for since they are completely free. USD 5 for 2min of work isn’t bad.

If you enjoy playing bingo online you might want to deposit money into your bingo account. When you do you usually receive a second bingo bonus. A welcome bonus. The size of the welcome bonus is usually decided by how much money you decide to deposit. This bonus is usually a lot bigger than the free bonus. The size of the bonus vary between different bingo rooms and can be worth from few hundreds to several thousands.

The welcome bonus is usually a matching bonus. What this means is that the bonus is directly tied to your first deposit as a percentage. A bingo room might as an example offer you a welcome bonus worth 100% up to $500. This means that you get a bonus that is the same size as your deposit and that you can receive a maximum of $500 in bonus. If you deposit $500 you get $500 in bonus and will have $1000 in your account to play bingo for.

You can not withdraw your money until you have fulfilled the terms and requirements for the bonus. These varies from bingo room to bingo room and I recommend that you always read the terms before you accept a bonus.

Mobile bingo

Most online bingo rooms make it possible to play bingo directly in your smart phone. Some bingo rooms offer you access to all their games through the phone while other only offer a smaller selection of games. Bingo is very fun in your mobile and makes it possible to do something fun while killing time between meetings, in line or whenever else you have some time over.

Bingo Jackpot

bingo 2

The Information on this page has been based on information found on bingopånä A bingo site in Swedish

Most online bingo sites offer certain bingo rooms where you get the chance to win a jackpot. How you win this jackpot varies between different bingo rooms. Some offer jackpots that are easy to win. These jackpots are usually small and won very often. Other bingo rooms offer jackpots that are harder to win and than can be worth several hundred thousands or even millions. These jackpots are hard to win and it can often take months or even years before anyone wins them. You might as an example need to get bingo within the 5 first numbers to win the large jackpot.

All bingo rooms offer bingo games with and without jackpot. You decide which type you want to play.

Bingo games whit a large jackpot often offers a smaller payout percentage.

Choosing a bingo site

The bingo rooms that are offered by the large sport betting sites are usually good but not great. If you enjoy playing bingo online you might want to consider getting an account with a site that specialize in bingo. They can often offer a better selection of games and a more active bingo community. It is however very important to understand that just because a site specializes in  bingo does not mean that it will be better than the bingo section at your sport book. There are many truly poor bingo sites that only offer bingo. To be perfectly honest so are the bingo sections in the big sport betting sites usually among the better bingo sites. Most independent sites are worse.. However, the absolutely best bingo sites are independents and if you want the ultimate bingo experience you should choose to play with one of these sites. Some of the best bingo rooms are Mamma Mia, Bertil, Foxy and Maria Bingo