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Free and risk free bet are a great way to build your bankroll.

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Find the best odds

If you want to become a successful punter you should always place your bet where you get the best odds

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Spot the mistakes

The secret to being a successful punter is to find the mistakes that the sport books make. Become an expert on one sport to be able to spot all mistakes.

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Finding the best odds

Sport betting is one part luck, two parts skill. If you are good enough you are able to win money over time. A little luck can make it a whole lot easier to earn a lot of money. The key to winning money over time is to know more about the sport you are betting on than the person setting the odds. If you combine knowledge with good bankroll management you have a good chance of winning. You can further increase your chances of winning money by always placing your bets where you get the highest odds. In this article we are going to look at how to always find the best odds.

best oddsMany sport books claim that they offer the best odds. The truth is however that no individual site will always offer the best offs. The best odds will vary from game to game. The odds will vary depending on how the sports books expert set the odds and depending on how the punters on that site choose to bet. If a lot of punters bet a certain way it is common that the sport books adjust the odds accordingly.

You can in other words not register at one sports books and expect to always get the best odds. If you always want to get the best odds you will need to be registered with a number of different sports books and place each individual bet where you get the best odds. This can be a bit laborious but is well worth it since it dramatically increases your chances of becoming a successful punter.

You should register with as many of the large betting sites as you can. The more sites you are a member at, the better is the chance that you can place your bet where you get the best odds.

You will usually get a free bet or a bonus when you register and start placing bets with a new sports book. These bonuses can further improve your chances of earning money from you gambling.

One problem you will encounter when you have accounts with many bookmakers is that you will need to keep a lot of money in your gambling accounts. It is best to keep a bankroll in each sport books. That way you have money available when you want to place a bet. You will not have to go through the process of moving money from one site to another. Moving money can sometimes take a few days and can prevent you from quickly placing a bet where you get the best odds.

Once you have several accounts you need to check which of the sport books that you have an account with that would give you the best odds on the bet you want to place. Check individual odds as well as odds for the entire combination. Sometimes better odds at one site might make you want  to reduce or expand your combination.

There are several ways of checking where you would get the best odds. The most basic way is to go to each sports book and look for yourself. This method isn’t very efficient. A much more efficient way is to use an odds comparison site. These website are designed to help punters and let you see the odds for a certain outcome at multiple gaming sites at once. They make it very easy to quickly find the best odds.

oddsMany odds comparison sites make it possible to enter your combination and check which odds site that offers the best odds for that particular combination.

You should always place your bet at the sports book that gives you the best odds. This is true even if the difference in odds is only 0.05 (1/20 of a point). This difference might seem very small but it makes a huge difference over time. As a sports bettor you goal is to increase your chance of winning more than you loose. Increasing your winnings by just a couple of percentage points will have a huge affect on your bottom line. 5% larger payouts on your winning bets can often increase your total winnings with 50-100%. The large effect is due to the fact that you will loose some bets and win others. By increasing your payout when you win you will dramatically improve your overall result.