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Free and risk free bet are a great way to build your bankroll.

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If you want to become a successful punter you should always place your bet where you get the best odds

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Spot the mistakes

The secret to being a successful punter is to find the mistakes that the sport books make. Become an expert on one sport to be able to spot all mistakes.

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Poker is one of the few games where you can consistently win money if you are a good player. Money will always flow from worse to better players. This does not mean that the better player will always win every hand. Luck play the supreme role in individual hands. But by being a skilled player you can make sure to always put your money in at the right time and make sure that the odds are always on your side. If you do you will win money over time. It is a lot like being the casino. You will always have an edge and just like the casino wins money over time, so will you.

play pokerThe best poker rooms online has poker as their main focus. These include Pokerstar and Full tilt poker. Both these poker rooms have in recent years started offering other games including a casino and a sport book. Unibet is a sport books that offers a new poker room that looks very promising for the future.

Most sport books that offer poker do so in co-operation with a poker network. The poker network provide the poker software and helps the sport betting site skin it to look like an integrated part of the betting site. When you play in a poker room that is part of a poker network you play against players from the entire network. The players you play against may in other words be playing on another site.

This gives the poker room immediate access to a large pool of poker players for its players to play against. This allows a sport betting site to offer a good poker room with a lot of players from day one. It can be very hard to launch an independent poker site since no player wants to play on a site that do not feature a lot of players to play against and a lot of action at all times.

The drawback of being part of a poker network is that you offer the same games and the same campaigns as other poker rooms. It is hard to diversify yourself from other sites and you are unable to compete with a better product because you are offering the same product as your competition.

This has led some sites such as Unibet to take the leap to open their own independent poker room that give them full control.

Many sport betting sites offer good poker rooms that are part of poker networks. These are excellent choices if you want to start playing online poker. If you discover that you like playing poker online and want to play regularly we recommend that you start playing at Full Tilt Poker or Pokerstars. These sites are a lot better than all other sites. Unibet might be a contender in the future but is not there yet. They need more players first.

Poker Bonus

online pokerAlmost all sites offer you a poker bonus. The size varies a lot between different sites. Poker bonus are different from other bonuses in that they are only made available to you when you already earned them. This means that you never risk ending up with money that is locked on your account because you failed to reach the bonus requirements. If you fail to reach the bonus requirements on a poker site you simply forfeit any bonus that has not already been paid to you.

You should always chose a poker site that offer you a lot of players to play against. You should never let their bonus affect which poker room you decide to start playing in.

Mobil poker

Most poker sites allow you to play on your mobile phone. The selection of games is usually a little more limited on the mobile than it is on computers. The selection of poker that is available on your mobile phone is usually more than adequate. Many poker rooms offer some tournaments that are available exclusively on your mobile.

Learning to play poker

pokerPoker is a skill based game. It is therefore important that you learn how to play before you start playing for real money. Most poker sites allow you train against other players using pöay money. This can be a good way to learn the rules, get a feel for the game and gaining some experience. It is however important to know that games for real money are very different. Most players do not take play money seriously and play a lot more aggressive than they do when they play for real money. The same is to a lesser degree true when you play for micro stakes. Micro stakes will however allow you to slowly build your bankroll and slowly move up to higher stakes as you gain experience and skill. One of the most common mistakes poker players do is to move up to higher stakes too quickly. They move up before they are ready and quickly loose a large part of their bank roll that might have taken months to build.

If you want to become a skilled poker player I recommend that you learn pot odds as early as possible and then read everything you can find about poker. A good place to start is the book Super System by Doyle Brunson. One of the best poker books ever written. It is cheap and available through amazon.